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"In no time at all I had our scholarship list online, ordered by date and easy to search. I love how easy it is to use these tools and how much time they save me!"

Colette Davis
School Counselor | Timpview High, Utah

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost the student anything to use the tools? No. Students are able to sign up absolutely free and use all of our tools to search through and track the scholarships listed by your school.

Can we add scholarships that require a paper application form? Yes. We have a tool that creates a scholarship details page online and allows students to download the paper application form.

How does Scholar Box make money? We make money from corporate sponsors who pay to have their logo on our site.

If companies don’t pay to sponsor our school do we loose access to the tools? No. Our team works very hard to maintain sponsors for each school. You will never loose access to these tools.

How many of our counselors can create accounts on Scholar Box? As many as needed. You can just have your college and career counselor have an account or all of your counselors. Whichever works best for you.

Do you sell my students information? No. We respect the trust that parents, students and counselors place in us to protect students’ information. We will never sell your students in formation without their permission.

Will you spam counselors and students with unwanted emails? No. We have a strong anti-spam policy and never share our data with third parties. Both counselors and students can edit their email preferences within their profile as needed.

How secure is our information? Even though we do not store sensitive information, we take security very seriously. We actively monitor the security of data on our website in three different areas. They cover where the data is stored, the ability of the code to prevent intrusion and the safety of the data as it moves through the internet. It's the same level of data transfer security that your bank provides.