Amazing Tools for Students and Parents

No student looks forward to searching through the limitless sea of scholarships trying to find those that they have the best shot at receiving. Parents aren’t too crazy about having the contact information for their child broadcasted all over the internet either.

There really haven’t been many quality options available to help students and parents with scholarships, until now. With scholarship tools from Scholar Box students can:

  • Easily view scholarships recommended by their high school counselor
  • Quickly filter though scholarships recommended by other high school counselors
  • Prioritize which scholarships they should apply for first
  • Compare how competitive each scholarship is
  • Look at estimated time needed to complete specific scholarship applications
  • Review which scholarships they can trust
  • Discover which scholarships might sell their information or spam their email box
  • Auto complete scholarship application forms
  • Track which scholarships they have viewed, applied for, and have been awarded
  • Find out when scholarships have been awarded

The intimidating and unfamiliar sea of scholarships is much more manageable for students using Scholar Box. Their odds of applying for and receiving scholarships are greatly increased. Not to mention their parents feel a little better about the credibility of the scholarships their student is applying for and the fact that their students information is safe with us.