We help find more scholarships for your students

We realize you have more responsibilities than just helping students find scholarships. You have time to help, but it’s limited and must be used wisely.

We know that you spend many hours every year maintaining a list of scholarships in a newsletter or maybe even on your schools’ website. The beauty of our List Manager tool is that you spend 3 hours instead of 3 weeks a year maintaining the scholarship list. That isn’t the only benefit. You are joining a network full of hard-working counselors all over that are gathering and recommending scholarships to their students, just like you!

Your students can easily see the specific scholarships that you have listed and apply for them. Additionally, they can easily search through the massive amount of scholarships on our site. These aren’t just any scholarships, they come from counselors in New York, Florida, Arizona, Texas, Colorado and everywhere else!

By using the List Manager and adding to the network your students benefit from you and tons of caring counselors everywhere. There is an abundance of scholarship money available, we just make the journey a little more enjoyable.