Scholarships 101

FREE! Lessons on How To find and apply for scholarships

Lesson #1 :: How to find 100+ scholarships in 5 minutes

Finding scholarships is no longer just a job for counselors. There are numerous resources available to students and parents these days. We review the 5 easiest ways to find lists of scholarships along with 20 other ways to find scholarships. You will be surprised with how many you can find in just a few minutes.

Lesson #2 :: How to apply for the best scholarships by filtering

Now that you have found tons of scholarships you need to determine which ones you qualify for. We explain the most common qualifications and what to look for when reading through scholarships. Download our free resource to help you organize your list of scholarships, filter for those you are qualified for, and sort them to find the best scholarships for you.

Lesson #3 :: How to apply for scholarships in half the time

Applying for scholarships requires lots of information about you. We teach a process used to input information quickly and accurately to save you as much time as possible. Download our free resource to assist you in organizing information most commonly requested when applying for scholarships.

Lesson #4 :: How to write great scholarship essays in 30 minutes

Crafting an essay takes a lot of time, effort and brainpower, which can be discouraging. The Rapid Essay Method simplifies the writing process to help you create a captivating essay that is quick, direct and concise. Using the Rapid Essay Method has helped numerous students write scholarship essays twice as fast as before.

Lesson #5 :: How to track scholarship applications with ease

Serious scholarship seekers will find that after applying for 10+ scholarships they need some way to keep track of it all. We have a way to help you with that as well. Whether it's for your own interest or to let your parents know how hard you are working we have a way to help you easily track scholarships you have applied for.

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