The list manager collects and displays scholarship data so you don't have to.

Adding scholarships to your list is as easy as entering the URL of the scholarship. Click 'Add' and your done!

Adding scholarships

We collect the scholarship name, due date, award amount and eligibility requirements and keep them updated.

Your list of scholarships is neatly displayed and automatically updated, ready for students to visit!

list of scholarships

Student Tools allow your students to track their progress as they apply for scholarships you have listed.

After a 60 second sign up students see which scholarships they qualify for. We automatically track which ones they have looked at applied for and been awarded.

list of scholarships

Student Insights lets you spend more time counseling students, not tracking them.

Quickly and easily review how many scholarships each student has viewed, applied for, and been awarded.

review scholarships

Reporting allows you to compare how your school is doing compared to previous years.